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Systems Management

​Systems Management Partnerships for Organisations

NiCAR Consulting can help you if you need a Quality, Safety, Environmental and/or Risk System Manager that works for the organisation on a part-time basis that you can rely on to provide professional expertise and regular system management and coordination services.

Small to medium (SME) size businesses generally can’t afford to have a full time QESR Management resource, this responsibility is commonly “tagged on” to the role of existing staff. The problems that can arise by doing this include:

  • additional expenses to get the staff member trained
  • availability of time to effectively fulfil both roles
  • problems and gaps in the system when they leave the business

NiCAR Consulting can be your QESR System Manager on a part-time basis. This will benefit your business by giving you:

  • access to professional QESR management system expertise
  • QESR system management continuity
  • effective system management, leading to improved profitability
  • reduction in QESR system management costs
  • ​long term stability
  • peace of mind

You may only require between one to two days assistance of our time per day or month to maintain your management systems at the highest levels. Short or long term, by project or retainer we will create a service agreement to suit your business needs to support your existing internal resources.

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Meet your Systems Management Consultant - Nicki Carroll

​​"NiCAR Consulting is an independent business management system consultancy service with extensive experience in the development, implementation, maintenance and support for Quality, Environmental, Safety and Risk Management systems across the utility, mining, manufacturing, health, civil construction and excavation, drilling and boring industries."

Nicki Carroll

Director - NiCAR Consulting

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