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​Auditing for Organisations

Nicki is a trained and qualified lead Quality, Environmental, Safety and Asset Management auditor who regularly conducts 3rd party certifications and internal audits on behalf of clients.

​We form partnerships with our clients to clearly understand the risks the business may encounter.

We work with you to establish a practical and relevant internal audit schedule that meets the requirements of the standards, using this schedule and the business management system we are able to develop and implement audit criteria to use to add value to the business and provide evidence to top management to be able to make informed decisions.

We can become a member of your team to perform internal auditing on your behalf which has the advantage of providing the effectiveness of an external auditor.

​The reasons for this are simple:

  • NiCAR Consulting has conducted many hundreds of audits, so we have far more experience in auditing than most employees would have
  • our auditing experience enables us to recognise what is important and what could go wrong, we then focus more on those aspects when conducting audits
  • we are not compromised by conflicting priorities such as insufficient time available or not wanting to cause problems for work colleagues by highlighting potential discrepancies.

The best outcomes for our clients are achieved through our independence, objectivity and impartiality.

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Meet your Business Systems Consultant - Nicki Carroll

“NiCAR Consulting is an independent business management system consultancy service with extensive experience in the development, implementation, maintenance and support for Quality, Environmental, Safety and Risk Management systems across the utility, mining, manufacturing, health, civil construction and excavation, drilling and boring industries."

Nicki Carroll

Director - NiCAR Consulting

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